Reliable Computer Repairs

Established in 2011 , Reliable Computer Repairs are Computer consultants based in Bangor, Northern Ireland. We sell, upgrade and repair PC’s and laptops.

COVID-19: We are still open for business but do ask that you phone first and please wear a mask when entering the business

Mission Statement

To provide high quality computer services at reasonable prices to both the business community and home users.


Desktop & Laptop Repair & Upgrades

Hardware and software upgrades on desktop and laptops – We can fix slow PC start-up, freezing and restarting unexpectedly. Motherboard problems, power supply problems, graphics cards, sound cards. BSOD (blue screen), RAM , Hard Drive, CD/DvD drive problems and upgrades.

Laptop Repairs

We repair all brands and models of laptops eg Dell, Compaq, Asus, Fujitsu, Acer, Packard Bell, Sony and HP. We can repair broken screens, damaged keyboards, DC socket (power socket), Inverter Repairs (screen very dark).

Virus, Adware, Spyware and Malware Removal

Sadly there is no single software solution for finding  all bad software, so we use a suit of different utilities to run multiple scans of the effected system to find all offending software. Removing the virus without having to totally wipe your machine is our goal.

Sometimes a virus / malware can damage critical windows files and under these circumstances if windows cannot be repaired the only solution is to completely re-install windows, we would of course contact you before taking this step to ensure any important data could be backed up first.

PC  Health Check / Service

Have you had the following happen to your PC: Seems to take ages for the PC to load up windows, strange unexpected pop-ups, windows telling you that the Hard drive is out of free space. Windows hanging when you try and shutdown the computer. If your PC is doing any of these things then it is a good indication that you machine could do with a Service, if you cannot come to us we will collect the machine from you , fix it and return it back to you.

Data Recovery Services

We all know we should backup our important data regularly, but often we will forget and when something goes wrong it can cause a panic. Don’t worry if you cannot access windows to get at your data you can avail of our data recovery services and restore your precious data quickly with a minimum of fuss. One of our more popular services is photo recovery. We can recover data from hard drives, CD’s, DvD’s, camera cards, USB pen drives and even ye olde floppy discs.

If you are donating your old machine to charity / friends it would be prudent to ensure that no personal data is left behind on the old PC if you want to sleep soundly knowing this has been done correctly you can use our secure data deletion service and then donate your PC once it has been wiped. Simply deleting the files in Windows does not completely get rid of them. Readily available data recovery packages can recover the deleted files and gain access to this information.

Internet & Network Services

If you are experiencing problems with your ISP, speed being slow random disconnects or other issues give us a call and we can help you sort out your problem.Wireless networking (WLAN) has made connecting up all our electronic devices very easy, you can move about your home / business and your connection will keep working. But sometimes things can get complicated and can go wrong.
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