Call out to business or home – If you cannot come to us we will come to your premises to do the work.

TV Repair – With your television being an expensive purchase if it goes faulty it may be worth getting it repaired, bring your set down to us and we will get you an estimate on how much it will cost to fix.

Pick-up and Return service – If we cannot fix the problem quickly at your premises then we will take your machine back to the workshop and return it to you when fixed.

Data recovery & transfer – We can move data from one system to another or if the disk is damaged we can recover your precious data.

Basic computer lessons – We can cure you of your technofear and show you how best to use your computer.

Vhs to DvD video transfer – Keep wedding/christening and other important videos forever in digital format. We can convert your VHS to DvD.

Internet and wireless Set-up – We can do broadband and internet connection fault finding and also configure wireless devices for your network.
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