Computer Repair

Services we offer for your Laptop or Desktop PC

Computer servicing – Optimisation to speed up the machine, removal of virus and un-wanted programs.

Data Recovery – Even if you cannot boot your system , we can recover what data you require.

Data Transfer – Moving to a new machine ?, we can copy data to your new system.

Password Recovery – Lost your windows login details? , no problem we can sort that for you.

Hard drive replacement & upgrades – We can replace faulty units as well as upgrading your current storage capacity.

RAM (memory) replacement & upgrades – Increasing your ram can make an older machine feel like new.

Graphics Card replacement & upgrades – Want to play games or edit pictures/video faster a faster Graphics card will speed things up for you.

Power supply problems – We can replace faulty units or upgrade your unit to a higher wattage one.

Windows problems fixed – Strange pop-ups , PC slowing downs etc , we can deal with that.

Operating System re-install – Sometimes a virus will destroy windows (PC will not load windows) and windows will need re-installed.

Virus removal – We can dis-infect your PC and get it running normally again.

Software installation/removal – Install or configure software on your machine.

Secure Data Deletion – If you are donating your old machine to charity, this ensures no personal data is left on the drive.
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