How to disable Steam auto updates

A year ago Steam decided that it would be a good idea to remove the ability for steam users to disable Auto Updates of the steam games are installed on your PC.
I think it would be better for the person who paid for the game to decide when they want it
updated……… So here is a work around disable steam updates and give you back some control

1.Top left Click Steam to bring up the menu then click Settings

Main steam Menu

2. When the settings screen opens click on the Downloads option                                      Tick the Limit auto-updating schedule, now pick a time when your PC will be off for me safe values for that will be 05:00am – 06:00am as I am usually sleeping. Click Ok after you have changed these settings to accept them.

Steam download settings screen

3. If you do need to update a game you can still do so very easily. On the lower tab click LIBRARY and then go down the DOWNLOADS.

Steam downloads screen

4.  This will bring up the downloads screen to update a game in the list just click on the ^ up arrow on the right side to start a download.

disable steam auto updates

Hope this helps you out, have a nice day 🙂


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