Apple: iOS 6.1 network cockup

he source of the battery draining bug that sucked the life out of iPhones, sucked up 3G data and strained national telco networks has been identified by Apple as a miscommunication between Microsoft Exchange servers and the iOS calendar app.

The flaw affected iPhone 4S users on iOS 6.1 who were using Microsoft Exchange to sync their calendars to their phone. The unlucky fanbois triggered the problem – constant syncing with the server – by performing one calendar action of doom.

When an exception was made to a recurring calendar event – for example changing an event on a one-off day – the calendar began to sync repeatedly with the Microsoft Exchange Servers. That burned through 3G data, sometimes causing the servers to block the device and draining the battery on the iPhone.

Only a small number of iPhone users in these particular circumstances were affected. But the drain on the networks did affect other users: UK Vodafone and the network Three Austria were two such mobe networks who ‘fessed up to the problem, pleading with customers on the iPhone 4S not to upgrade to ioS 6.1 until the issue was fixed.

Apple has worked out a software update that plugs the leak, to be released at an unspecified date, but in the meantime Apple recommends fanbois take certain steps for disabling the calendar problem – ie, switch it off and on again…

According to the write-up on the Apple Support Forums, disabling then re-enabling the connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server should clear the problem.

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